26 February 2015

Finding a Greater Purpose

I attended a class a few weeks ago and the topic was establishing balance. The class group was quite diverse in that gauging what specifically to talk about would be a challenge, but the instructor really tried to help everyone establish a relationship with this concept known in the health industry as bio-individuality. She illustrated the importance of knowing ourselves so well that we know exactly what our body needs for nourishment. Although the topic encircled the ideas of holistic health and wellness there was an ever present principle I found myself personally connecting with throughout the whole presentation. I am responsible with understanding the individuality of the creatures in my home and acting on that understanding by nourishing them. The instructor discussed four primary food groups, physical activity, healthy relationships, fulfilling careers, and spiritual awareness. She discussed how those areas of life, when in balance, contribute to our well-being and our ability to eat to energize our livelihood rather than filling any voids we create. The idea of how powerful I am as a mother and a nurturer was so intense that I could hardly retain any other thoughts or impressions. I went home that night and suggested to my husband the need to create a greater purpose in the responsibility we have to raise sons.

I sometimes struggle sorting out my priorities. My social media break is proof of that struggle. I really want to change people's lives and be an influence for good. I like thinking that I can motivate change and progression in others. The idea of doing that within my own home is a lot easier said than done.  I never knew how difficult it would be to create what kind of parent I want to be. I have studied different techniques and child raising philosophies and yet they offer minimal support when my four year old is screaming at me because...well your guess would be as good as mine. I have days where I am master of the storm and days when I fall victim to defeat. I can't write out what it is like to be a mother to these two. Not many moms can explain perfectly how it feels to raise their own, but I can say that after attending that class I realized that my home is in need of more purposeful choices and an establishment of balance. I need to change the way we spend our time to things that our elevating and nourishing rather than fillers to get us from wake up to bedtime. I cherish my alone time, who doesn't? But this idea of nourishing through quality time is hitting me like a ton of bricks. Blake got home from school on Tuesday and instead of going inside and rushing through evening hours we decided to take it slow. We took the boys on a walk, hit up Liberty Park for some slide time, and found ourselves home late and making dinner together. That's what I am talking about!

I am all about taking on new goals and changing things up to make life work out better. I am setting the goal of nourishing balance within our home. Establishing consistency and creating quality time. Time that isn't governed by the outside world and it's stress, expectations, and pressures. They need it. I need it.

I invite you to see what areas of your life need nourishing and act on it by creating a plan and following through.

I can't wait to hear how you do!

Photos by: Allyssa Zemke 

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  1. Love this. I need to do this too. Quality not not quantity.