20 February 2015

Brown Rice For Breakfast

Sometimes breakfast can be hard. There are mornings that I can hardly get out of bed because Blake and I spent the previous night watching mindless episodes of shows like Arrow or laughing for hours watching Jimmy Fallon's favoite clips. Some mornings where we have to be out the door, dressed and ready for the day to get Nikson to preschool, and then mornings were all my boys want is cold cereal. I am really trying to break the cold cereal habit by being more creative and purposeful with the way we eat. I realize that a sandwich baggie of frosted shredded wheat for the car ride just isn't nurturing my family you know?  A friend made this at a health seminar Blake and I attended and I loved it so much, I thought I would give it a go. It is now a household hit. I added a couple soft boiled eggs to Blake's mix so he could get a little more of his beloved animal protein.


Cooked Brown Rice (I made it the night before)
Warm it with 
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk Coconut Oil 
Maple Syrup 
Sprinkle Chia, Hemp, Flax seeds for added protein
Add favorite berries 

Everything is measured based on personal preference. 

Nikson threw a five minute fit and said he wasn't going to touch it. I told him he could make himself his own breakfast then. He ate the whole bowl. #winning

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