14 December 2010

Is it really December Fourteenth?

I seriously can not believe the time! I swear it was Halloween yesterday and Thanksgiving was today. Holy crow. We are having our baby in a month! I can't believe it. I think Nikson will be a February baby, only because that is just how my luck would be.
My life has been pretty insane. I work a lot and I think it helps the time fly. Sometimes I wonder if I work too much, but I have a little bit of a working addiction. I love my job a lot. It is the kind of job that has me going constantly and I leave feeling like I had a 12-hour workout. It feels good. I like coming home and having nothing to do, but that hasn't quite happened yet! I get home and go right into church responsibilities or family obligations. So crazy! I can't wait for a little Christmas break.
Blake is having more baby dreams than me which is fun for me to hear. I dream about taking Mary Jane's (my boss') dry cleaning in and Blake dreams that I effortlessly have Nikson at home and we leisurely drive to the hospital to make sure all is well. Loving that plan. I have not had any super cravings or anything that has caused my mister to get out of bed at 3am and go to the store. I love spicy food, maybe a bit more than I usually do, but really I haven't had anything to write about. I haven't had really horrible heartburn, in fact I can count on my fingers how many times I have had it. My hands are getting a little swollen, especially on days that I don't drink a lot of water. I try to have two super big gulp sized waters a day and some days I don't quite get there. I have no clothes and no motivation to buy any. Why really? I just wear sweats to work and my friends don't care that I wear stretch pants:) At least I don't have stirrups on them, that makes it not alright.
I am getting excited for family and friends time. My cute SIL is coming into town next week with her cute family, our cousin Ashlee just had a little baby, A'mya, that I can't wait to snuggle, my family is having New Year's in Utah this year which is really exciting especially because my little sister and her family are coming. I am pumped! I am all done with Christmas shopping which is a miracle in itself. Thank heavens for online shopping and late nights. I am especially grateful that even though my life is crazy stressful, I still can keep a clear perspective on the whole reason we decorate and buy gifts. I am grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ who has enabled us to really celebrate. Celebrate life and relationships. I know He lives. I know that our lives get crazy and sometimes it is hard to find Him in between the good and the bad, but I know that He is there and is a part of our lives whether we choose to believe or not. I just have been too blessed and know too many fabulous people to think otherwise. He is here and I love Him. Merry Christmas Preparations.


  1. Less than one month girl! It's been long and fast all at the same time. I am with you- I feel like since Halloween time has abosolutely flown by! Can't wait to see little Nikson. Are you done with your nursery? You should post pics. I am sure its adorable bc your decorating skills are awesome.

  2. Please wear stretch pants with stirrups!