16 December 2010

Oh so crafty...

So I like to craft, am I good? Kind of. That is why I make friends with people that are better. A couple weeks ago we had craft night at my house. Natalie Call, Allyssa Zemke, and one of Nat's friends Breanne came to celebrate our love of crafts. Wanna see what I did?

Land of Nod has this darling stocking for $39. I was going to wait until they went on sale, but then Nat talked me into doing them myself.

So I turned it around a bit and came up with some very custom stockings. (Thanks to Nat for being my seamstress.)

What do you think? I thought they turned out cute. Hooray for next year when I can put them up.


  1. Oh my gosh they turned out so cute!! good job I am proud!

  2. I LOVE EM!!!!!! You seriously need to be a designer.... likeno joke you are so good at creating things!

  3. Desi- it will come in due time. I have to make it work.