01 January 2011

happy 2011...

I can't believe I am writing 2011. What a crazy year. Last night when Blake and I were driving home from the West's New Year's Bash we talked about how the year seemed to fly by and so much happened! What a fun time we had. Lots of trips and changes. Changes is probably an understatement. I feel like Heavenly Father has taken our life and is turning it into something completely different than what we could have imagined. That's why faith is such an important principle for us to live by. Sometimes we get a little stuck in "self" mode and think we know exactly what we are to do and how it is to be done and then something happens to completely change the course. There have been so many instances this year that have proven this a fact. So I remain faithful and pray that I will be able to do what is supposed to happen. I kind of like it more than I don't like it. It gives me the ability to progress and the opportunity to change. My hope is that I can record these feelings as openly as possible so that I can share them with my babies when they are bigger. So here is to a new year...

I am 36 weeks and getting ready to have Nikson. 2011 marks the year that I will forever be a mama bird. Althougth I have always desired to be Mom, it has proven to be a scary transition for me. We are anxious, scared, and excited. I seriously have the most mixed emotions I have ever felt. Lots to prepare and lots to think about. I try not to get too overwhelmed, but it is sort of inevitable. I will be back later to share more of our holidays and my resolutions. I told Blake we have to grow up this year... I suspect he had feelings a lot like this boy would.


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