13 January 2011

Who is Braxton Hicks Anyway?

I was going to post about all the lame and sad things that have been going on with my pregnant self, but after realizing I have it pretty good as a pregnant lady I decided to change this post into all the good advice I have received for the upcoming life we are starting. I have had so many people tell me what they think I should do and how I should feel. The advice I really loved I decided to post.

1. " You have to promise me you will stay in your PJ's for two weeks after Nikson comes." My boss was telling me how there is something magical that happens in the first two weeks you are home and the second you put on the jeans and get out into the world, the spell is broken and you can't get that feeling back. I thought she was going to say two months and I was ok with that!
2." The first night home should just be with Mom and Dad and Baby." I actually really loved this advice because Blake and I really were not ready for this commitment of baby having quite yet and I think the time alone with Nikson will be very needed.

3. "Protect your way of doing things." A lot of people try to influence how you do things with baby and once you make a conscious decision, you need to protect that, no matter what.

4. "You can miss family dinners for a little while, they will still be going when you are ready to come out."

5. "Don't eat like pregnancy is an excuse." My sister Natalie told me that she gets really annoyed with moms that think pregnancy exempts you from being healthy. She is so "pro" health and really thinks pregnancy is probably the most important time to be healthy.

6. "Bring a bowl of sweets to bribe the hospital staff." My friend Brandi seriously cracks me up and only she would think about bribing the hospital staff to be good to her! HA HA! I haven't quite yet decided what to do about this, but it is actually pretty funny.

This is probably how she did it too.

7. "Don't forget to pack pj's and a pillow for Blake." HELLO! I totally forgot about Blake having to stay the night too. Consider that one checked off!

8. "Not one pregnant woman is the same." Serious, ask around, and so you can't plan on having the exact same experiences as others do.

9. "When Mom comes, sleep." (Nuff said) My cute mom will be here soon after so I will have some serious help in figuring out how to do this and how to actually relax. I am so complicated.

10. "This is your only chance to have one baby and focus your attention and cares on one child. Don't mess it up." My boss told me this tonight and she told me how she spent the first weeks with her first baby working from home and she really feels like she missed out on a very magical time.

It is interesting how much advice you get when you are pregnant. Even advice about not being pregnant comes out often. I love to hear the stories people have and how they experienced this whole thing. I am lucky. I have heard scary stories. I don't get swollen very often, I measure smaller, no heart burn, and I think my husband would say I am surprisingly sane...for the most part! HA! I really am ready to be a mom. I have been training to be a mom for a long time and it really is something I have always wanted. I am excited for a son and pray I can be a good mommy. He will already have the best Dad so I gotta step up my game. Let's do this.


  1. I loved this! Yeah I have for sure learned that no two pregnant women are alike. Not even the same woman's two pregnancies! It drives me crazy when women decide they know better than me and tell me how it should be done or what I should expect to happen. I am glad you are experiencing this time for yourself. I want to see more pictures of you and growing baby boy belly! Love you.

  2. Jaclyn! Found your blog, and now I blog stalk you :)

    Great post!! Being a first time momma you just don't know what to expect. I LOVED the advice to stay in your pj's for 2 weeks. I totally did that....but it may have been a bit longer :)

    Good luck with everything, can't wait to see this kid!

  3. Great great advice!! You will be (& already are) a great mommy. It's so fun. Amazing. Life changing. I loved the advice to do it your way & not to let anyone steal that. Perfectly said. Good luck friend!!!