21 February 2011

Baby Flew to Colorado

(Baby got the window seat)

Nikson had his first airplane ride this past week. I was really nervous about it actually, but I have the sweetest sisters and they had to see this baby. I don't blame them really. Not only did they get to see Nikson, but I got to spend some time with my mama before she has her surgery. I am a grateful girl.

It is a really weird feeling taking your child to the place you grew up. Although he is too young to even realize what planet we are even on, I had so many emotions seeing him were I grew up. We slept in my room and every night I thought about all the things that went on there and how I get to teach him how to love that home and the families we have. I am especially grateful for the time he got to spend with Grandma and Grandpa. I loved being able to see them talk to him and be so sweet to him. I will love the memories of this trip forever.

Nikson and Mom were inseparable, which made it easy for me to get a mani/pedi with Tanna, shopping with Jenn, take a shower everyday, and visit with my friends and family.

Baby boy loves the bathtub. He loves the water and he loves the noise. He is definitely our baby. It makes me excited for when he can go swimming and play in the water! He just looked at my mom while she cleaned him! So cute.

Mom was really good about making sure baby got his Vitamin D to rid himself of his yellow skin. I walked in and he was passed out in her arms, basking in the sunlight...yep he is our baby alright!

All the cousins were so excited to meet him. I didn't get pictures of everyone because most everyone was sick. Blast the winter months! Everyone was washing their hands like crazy since I became the Germ Warden.

Elena had the most fun with him. She kept looking at him and laughing. I asked her what she was laughing about and she would say, "He is just so cute." Elena was a little disappointed Blake didn't make it this trip. She told her mom that, "Jac is cool and all, but Blake is like really cool." I tried the whole trip to win her love. I did fine, but she still likes Blake more. "He is a boy", she said.

Drake thought we named Baby, Kitten. I died laughing and so he corrected himself and said, "Oh, I mean, Mitten....Nitten?" He laughed hard when we said, Nikson.

Charlie and Nikson

Garrett made quite the lasting impression while I watched him sling pebbles at the deer eating his trees while he modeled the smallest size of biking shorts, with the zip off leggings.
2011's newest style.

Afton and Austin

the Jensen boys with my son! (Nathan, Aaron, and David) No Peter because he is on his mission! It was a very surreal feeling watching the boys I practically raised holding my own son. They blame me for their weirdness. So crazy to see how much we have all grown. I started watching them when David had just turned three and he is twelve, going into the seventh grade! I couldn't believe it. We laughed a ton about all of the funny things that happened when I was their nanny. So embarrassing. These boys were a major part of my life and I am anxious to see the great things they will all do.

The flight home was just as great as the flight there. Baby did perfectly and I could not have asked for a better trip. Although I missed Blake like crazy, I am glad that I went, even with all the runny noses and coughs. Blake picked us up and we all went home and crashed.

We are a very snugly family.

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  1. Jac
    So dang cute!!! I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you and your adorable little guy... next time???