20 June 2011

And what have you three dears been up to?

Up to? Up to? Up to? Name that movie! Alright loves, I seriously think that it is unfair to judge a mother of being obsessed after they have had a child. Let's think about it logically...I have a permanent companion. He is always with me. And if he isn't with me than my chest is reminding me of him. That's just how it goes now a'days. I love every bit of it. Our friends even are in baby mode so it actually works out quite nicely. We always have something to talk about! So I will post of the baby, and hopefully soon I will get around to posting the nursery.

Nikson is so much fun right now. He is SO smiley, I can't quite get enough. The best is when Blake gets home, so cute! They just talk to each other and laugh. How does someone so little know so much? Hmmm. Explain it to me. This baby was made for warm weather although his birth date would prove otherwise. He loves being outside. We sit outside and roast marshmallows, play in the water, and lightly bounce on the trampoline and he is all smiles. Makes the summer even more exciting!

The boy also loves his sleepy time. I love it a little too. Mostly because he is just so darn cute.