04 June 2011

We heard there is more bounce in California.

oooh almost paradise we're knocking on heavens door.
almost paradise how could we ask for more?
i swear that i can see forever in your eyes.
(thank you footloose)

Corona Del Mar.
Our first time.
But not our last time.
Holy cow.

We were meant to live on the beach.
(Or visit it frequently)

the little.
and his little hat.

Remember the cute video of Nikson in the water? Well, this is a picture of that.

Nat and Tyson Call.
They are our friends.
These two can play the MINI Cooper game like nobody's business.
And Tyson secretly knows all the names of the Hanson brothers. Mmmbop.

I have a little crush.
His name is Blake Bishop
I put him in the ocean.
To see if he could skim.

He cruised across the water.
He ate bunch of sand.
I just love him so much,
especially when he holds my hand.
(thank you Tiny Tim)
(i guess i am in a songy mood)

Nikson, dressed to impress for Chad and Allie's wedding.
Donning his 'stache and bow tie.
What a cutie!
Goodnight everybody.

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