31 May 2011

.four months.

This baby of ours is the best thing that has happened to us. He is always smiling, unless of course, he's starving. We have a total blast with him and love watching him grow.

thirteen point two pounds
twenty six inches
and he still has a little tiny head and Grandpa Jones' ears
we love him

listen, this picture is not child abuse or weird. It's quirky for sure. Nikson actually fussed less during this picture than all the others. enjoy.


  1. Very cute!!! I love his closed-eyed smiley one. So I missed your birthday & your giveaway!! Happy belated bday. I hope you had fun! And I just noticed that paper company is the featured deal on groupon today. It looks awesome!

  2. love that last photo. it needs to be printed large & framed.
    also, you are a major babe. seriously.