22 February 2012

spring time the only pretty ring time

i have spent every year of my life living in a place where winter is brutal. 
snow was just a part of my life and boots were an outfit necessity.
this winter i have been t-shirt clad and flats with no socks.
it truly is amazing.
i live in that state that claims the best snow on earth and we have shoveled once. 
it is making me very anxious for picnics, early morning runs, brightening up our humble adobe.
i am welcoming spring in full-force.
who cares what the groundhog said.
here are a few pins i want to incorporate to welcome the spring.

bright home decor (we have a lot of grays over here.)

more blooms around the house.

many more garden parties

and for those i will need my event toolbox via mingle

also- i really love easter.

all images found via here

what do you do to get ready for spring?


  1. I am SO ready for Spring!! This Winter has been so mild that it's totally teasing for Spring to come early - I so hope it does!!

  2. Birds sing, hey ding
    A-ding, a-ding
    Sweet lovers love the spring--

  3. ahhhh, my favorite weather is bird chirping weather!!! love it!

  4. I love Easter too. I love putting up ceramic bunnies and chocolates in cute dishes. I am huge on color too, it just makes me feel so happy.

  5. Oh, my heart is now aching for spring! I hope the snow doesn't catch up to you!

  6. I can't wait for spring. It is actually the cooler time in Brazil. Need it.

    1. i bet. i wish i could say that. i prefer heat over freeze for sure. am i alone in that?

    2. syssa- you are pregnant. that doesn't count as a vote. your body temperature is altered.

    3. Oh. I'll get back to you in a couple months then.

  7. Adorable post! I am so glad you stopped by my blog! Finding fellow Mormons is always a fun thing. Lovely blog you have here!