26 July 2011

The Three S's

I took two pictures while I was in Farmington. I guess they sort of explain it all.

Blake didn't go with us so for Pioneer Day we decided to live it up. All we did was...
After the New Mexico trip we were in desperate need of some R&R. Although we do have a bit of a problem. I woke up from Nikson's nursery floor to find this culprit in my bed.

We have had Nikson in his swimming suit, but have yet to take the full-on plunge. HE actually did quite well. You could hear him catching his breath a little but pretty soon he was content splashing and watching Dad do back flips off the diving board. I think the water is our new best friend.

(Nikson has a weird fetish with eating his toes? Don't ask me.)

and Socialize.
We got to watch the Valley fireworks with Chad and Allie and we had a blast as usual. Allie's dad whipped out some delicious carne asada and we were happy eaters. I for some reason never take pictures when we are up there. One day.

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  1. Keaton loves His toes right now too! Except He's got two bottom teeth now, so He's chomped on them a few times, and ended up bursting into tears! Nikson is too cute, :)