14 August 2011

Postage long overdue

My apologies for the late posting of this event. Time has slipped between my fingers. Now on with the news.

Every summer my sister Jenn drives over her herd from Colorado to spend July 4th with us Utah'ns. This year Blake and I were able to host a sleepover, and boy was it exciting. We spent hours in the backyard and ended the night with a viewing of Dennis the Menace.

These were just some of my favorite shots of the night.

Elena is seriously a RIOT! We love her.

Halle Gal and her snail. She may or may not have put salt on that poor fella after this shot.

Luke and the plasma car. Can't get enough of this boy.

Seriously, if all the children of the world looked like Lydia. There would be more love, sweet love.

Sweet Jeni.

These two had their first REAL sleepover this go around. Their moms were worried they may not make it all night. I was worried we would all die laughing at them! CA-RA-ZEE.

i fell in love with this shot. I love these two.

Blake managed to lure all the kids onto the tramp to spray them with the hose. They acted mad, but pretty soon they were loving it! I was just loving Blake's muscles. Yum!

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