26 September 2011

.our best trip yet.

well Powell this year was incredible to say the least. we seriously were so blessed to be in the company of such wonderful family in such a beautiful place. thanks to mike and deb for letting us join in on all the fun. the best thing was watching our sweet little man with all his cousins. he is going to be heart broken when he wakes up this morning to just the mom. boo. he had the time of his life.

lots of beach time with my baby. i mostly spent it making sure he didn't eat all the sand.

nikson with aunt debbie. deb rocked the air chair all week and made all the boys jealous.

 my studly man. it was good to be together all week. i really like him.

baby boy with his cousin Charley. she kept wanting to play pretend with nikson as her baby,

swimming while watching the cliff jumpers. nikson LOVES the water and splashes like a mad man. it is so fun to see him take to things.

Leighton and Nikson became good buds. who isn't good buds with leighton cartwright?

All the kids played on the tube. they are a bunch of wild hyenas.
(charley, claire, afton, emma, and wesley) Drake and Garrett were off hunting lizards.

aunt Stacey needed some good boy bonding time since she is adding one boy to her mix of six gals. nikson makes most people want a child. stace is six months pregnant and on our last night she decided to take advantage of the smooth water and wakeboarded. don't worry stace, i won't post a pic of it. she was concerned about her rump looking big. whatever. she looked great!

could he be any cuter? ahh! i just love him. he loved being on the boat and watching his dad do cool tricks and his mom stay safely inside the wake. most of the time he slept. that smooth lulling was just what we needed for some sweet nap time.

blake caught some massive air this trip. he looked so amazing out there. the little girls kept saying how good he is. i mostly just thought of how good looking he is.

see what i mean. the man is a looker.

the best part of the week was seeing my two guys together. they seriously just get each other and have so much fun. anytime blake was in the water nikson would bounce up and down and try to yell at him. they high- five each other which makes me laugh.

to add to the bounty of the trip, i had tons of great conversations with people i really admire.  blake and i learned a lot about how to be good, loving parents. being with everyone really motivated us to be better and to do better. it's not your to-do list that's important, it's your to be list, right leighton? everyone is so dedicated to their families. it is refreshing to know there are people who understand the principle of family. i think sometimes i get too wrapped up in the busy-ness of life to really take time for the important stuff. i am fortunate to have such great examples of love and patience in my life. here's to more experiences like this past week and a better me.


  1. You look so good jac! And it looked way fun. I can't wait to go to Powell again. Hopefully one day. Can we get together soon?

  2. Steph- you guys have to take Jack, he will love it. Shoot me a text and we can figure out something.