07 September 2011

Scandinavian Design

Ok- I have one simple question. Why is it that Scandinavian Design blogs are so irresistibly delightful? Seriously. I can't understand a word of it, but those images are like my own form of heroine. I seriously can not get enough.

For example. Have you ever visited Skonahem? You must. It's simply exquisite. It's like walking into Ikea and buying everything with the confidence that it won't break after a few uses and you don't have to put it together on your own. Someone will make it and bring it to you wrapped in a beautiful box with a shiny ribbon...sorry I get carried away. Regardless of my own infatuation, they really know the secret to making modern style comfortable and natural. It creates a rural rustic feel, but still remains ultra-modern, which i LOVE. They are not afraid or bright and open and it actually is more inviting to me. What do you think of this 1800- century farm gone modern? 

 I have a thing for antlers I suppose, or maybe it's that metallic fireplace that does it for me!

Blake, I promise I will always look presentable if we could remodel and put this bad boy in.

Can you imagine coming down that staircase Christmas morning? 
Sure, it's not the Walton's house, but it's amazing!

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  1. i LOVE Scandinavian design. And I would love any of these pictures. Now the real question is can i afford it?