10 September 2011

Dream Home

When I was younger, I used to drive around with my Dad looking at houses. It was so fun. He would pick the ranch style home with acres for riding horses and I would pick the urban, yet vintage bungalow where I could ride my bike to the grocer and bring back a baguette and sip tea on my porch, while I read the latest of AD. We would grab flyers from the homes for sale and try to convince my mother it was time to move and get something else. She would always say no. 

Now that I am a little older, I guess I understand why she never wanted to leave. Her home was "her home" and I suppose she didn't want to lose that feeling. For a few years now, I have been drawing out my dream home, every few months changing a part of the layout or adding special features. I am trying to create a space that will give me "that feeling". It's nice because now I have Blake and his perspective to help design this place. We don't want a huge home, but we want a comfortable place for our family. Here are a few of the elements that we/I really want to incorporate.

Cozy Spaces
Homes should have secret places that are only known to those close to you. I loved how my bedroom growing up had a secret room behind my walk-in closet. Only my closest friends had ever even been in there. Attics shouldn't be scary or filled with Christmas boxes, they should look like this.

Exposed Brick
I don't know if it is because I am a romantic or if it's because I am old-fashioned, but exposed brick thrills me. Every time I see a home with exposed brick I start imagining myself living at Tara, and how I would love to still wear huge dresses and  host extravagant parties. I know. It makes me nuts. But every home should have exposed brick. 

Industrial Lighting
Lighting is a really big deal and I think it is important to have fixtures that create a story. I could say these lights were actually used in the mines during the Gold Rush, or they are antiques from the old underground subway system in New York. You would believe me, right?

Natural Light
Not only do I want industrial lighting, I also want an abundance of natural lighting. Whether we are in the dead heat of summer or the bleak of winter, natural light always presents it self in a light-hearted, positive way. It creates happiness for me. Light and airy happiness. (Too much?)  And as a side note, those floors are incredible.

Painted Doors
enough said.

Oceanfront View
Lets be honest, who doesn't want to see the ocean from time to time, or every time to sit down to eat? All in favor of eating pancakes while looking at the ocean, say I. 

Open Staircases
And it's not even for when our daughter comes down dressed for Prom.  It's more for Christmas morning when the babies come running down to see what Santa brought them. I am a very traditional girl and I am all about surprises. This type of stairway will help us see their faces.

Black Paned Windows.
I love white, don't get me wrong. White furniture, white decor, white, white, white. But I think it's because not many use white. Windows on the other hand, they are ALWAYS white so I need myself some bold black-paned pretties. They create a strong home to me and I like that. I also love this tufted chesterfield. What a beauty?! 

All these images and their sources can be found here at mi casa su casa.

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  1. I think we share the same taste in homes! I love the staircase picture!!