08 October 2011

something wicked this way comes

The little and the man are fast asleep in their beds. Boy have I got some goods for you.

I have a dilemma I come across about once a month, but the dilemma gets a little more frequent when October hits. You see, I have married a man who truly believes that decorating for holidays is quite ridiculous. He thinks buying holiday themed things are a waste of money. Although I do tend to agree with the mister to a certain extent, I can't help myself when I see something I really, really, really love. Luckily, I found some little items that will last me more than a holiday.

One thing you may need to know about me is that when it comes to clothes, I am a plain Jane. Not that I like anything drab, I just am highly particular about prints and patterns. Think simple and that's me. I have a huge ridiculous problem with the "puppies on the feet" look, or the "bear ears", or anything that has a Disney or Nickelodeon character on it. I am sorry if that is your thing, but it definitely isn't mine.  I really don't even like the "Mom's Biggest Fan" or "Dad's Superstar" stuff that has become so popular. When I found the owl pirate at Gap, the "Trick rrrr Treat is even a stretch, but I gave in. The owls are too rad to pass up.

Now to elaborate on the dilemma I have spoken of, the following story has been dramatized, uh I mean, played down and efficiently told for a greater effect...

One cold Wednesday evening, three days ago to be precise, I decided to add some finishing touches to complete my partially bone chilling and somewhat eerie home for Halloween. I chose Wednesday for it had gotten cold outside, the wind was whistling across our porch, the clouds were low, and dropping random drops of icy rain. It also was an evening, "you know who", would be at school. You see, I try to do these decorating things when Blake isn't home so I can be spared from his snarky remarks. Wednesday was my day and I quickly pulled out the Halloween bin as I watched him drive off to school. With hot chocolate in hand, the baby in his bouncer, and Bing Crosby warmly singing "The Headless Horseman", my witching hour began. But no sooner had it begun than my heart sank as I heard the familiar sound of my husband's super charger engine roll back up to the house. As I was placing the last of my webs, Blake walked up the walkway, "My class got cancelled. Hooray!" I smiled, feeling his excitement, but wondered how long it would last. He ducked under the webs I had strung across the porch and into our cozy cottage. Much to his chagrin, he found I had strung web all over our nicely tidy home. Webs covered the windows, mirrors, and picture frames. ( I admit, it may have gotten a bit out of control, but I was really in the webbing mood.) I winced, wondering what he would say. After what seemed like ages he finally spoke. "We should probably call an exterminator." His eyes were bright and he smirked a bit, "We have a rather large spider problem." I laughed and quickly whipped back, "Your mom has a spider problem." (No offense Cheryl., it's just what we kids like to say nowadays.)


Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Omg! I love the wreath! I'm sure your mom will too. Ha ha.
    Decorating done right. I would like to say that maybe you don't like little bear ears, but Nikson does. He told me and that's why he'll be excited we sent him a gift. Ha ha.