04 October 2011

Halloween Giveaway

I am in the mood. It's a simple mood, but a mood none the less.  I decided to do a little Halloween giveaway to get everyone in the spirit. This cute little witch nesting doll will be one lucky reader's. I am sure someone out there is dying for a vintage nesting doll to adorn a table or shelf. Maybe to give as a gift? Just leave a comment with what you are going as for Halloween. I will close the giveaway Thursday and announce Friday.  And Canada...I will ship to you too! Happy Halloween.

** Giveaway Winner**

Cristina Morales said...
I'm not sure what I'll be, but Johnny wants to be a Crayon. 



  1. I'm going as your worst nightmare.

    But seriously, I'm going to try to go as Sherlock Holmes, if everything goes accordingly.

    *cross fingers*
    I hope I win

  2. Trevor is going to be the phantom of the opera and I, his young ingenue.

  3. I am going as the oh so stylish Jaclyn Bishop!! haha No but really I am going as ElVIRA! haha Mike would be so proud! But know that I think of it I might go as YOU!

  4. That last comment was MAMIE hah it won't let me write with my name for some reason

  5. Love your blog! So entertaining! :)

    Kristen in Santa Barbara

  6. I'm not sure what I'll be, but Johnny wants to be a Crayon.