04 October 2011

burlap and snores

Sir Nikson and I have been quite busy here at the homestead.  Blake is working full-time, going to school full-time, and mowing the lawn full time so we try to fill up those empty moments with some fun things.

I needed something for an open spot in the kitchen and this proved to be the filler. I fell in love with jones design company's woven pin board.
I am not the best at these crafty things, but I love how it turned out.

 We painted the back wall, and by we I mean, Blake and Nikson played while Mom hastily tried to finish during conference break. I wanted something that would make the palisades sofa POP! and I think the color did the trick. (Lessey, what do you think?)

We busted out the Halloween bin. It's funny how different houses create different looks. We have been in a different place for every Halloween, and so far, this house is my favorite.

This is also what I have come across in my efforts to do projects. I always wondered when he would fall asleep in the high chair. Early Saturday morning whilst I was preparing breakfast I turned to find my partner had given out on me. So I cook solo. Why is it that the mom never gets to sleep? I think it's because she has to be there to capture the moment. Check out those lashes!


  1. LOVE the room! that couch is awesome

  2. LOVE IT! That wall looks sick! Nice photos. Love your little man...Nixster.

  3. Woman! Look at you and your mad skills!! Seriously come and do my home now :)!!!