07 November 2011

business trip

This past week went by like a whirlwind. Nikson and I flew to Colorado on a business trip for The Perfect Housewife! It was so much fun and a lot of work. So much that I am going back once a month to get this client on track. I will apologize for the poor photo quality. I was finally able to talk them into letting me take pictures and I had to do it with my phone. my old phone (Blake, hint hint). I promise my next projects with be properly documented Anyway, needless to say, I felt really excited about what we did and how much we got done. Two days of only the kitchen. It was SO FUN!! The best part was helping this client realize they can organize, which doesn't mean throwing everything away!
Worst before picture ever...

and after.
we put everything in bins and saved a lot of space. Even the dish cabinets and drawers were organized so that unknown space was cleared and there was room to grow. It is amazing to see people's eyes when they see what they actually use and how to use it at it's best. It feels really good to see these transformations. 

 it was also this little cutie's birthday. two years old and a whole lot of trouble. happy birthday austy!

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