08 November 2011

let's just skip thanksgiving, ok?

 If my father heard me utter those words he would be so disappointed. it is truly how i feel though. i understand that William Bradford was a big turkey guy and felt very grateful, but we are constantly reminded to be thankful all the time and we should be all year long. so lets skip the 7,000 calorie meal and get on with decking our halls and wishing that people have days that are merry and bright. i can not wait to get my thanksgiving decor down and get Christmas up! I guess having a little one makes holidays seem so much more exciting.

You can bet you will be seeing a table like this at my house this year.

 Has anyone heard this album yet? Any Christmas music junkies out there? It is AMAZING! The Buble has got amazing talent. Totally nostalgic and smooth.

So I asked Blake if we could dance in the snow, at night, with the sparkly lights to this song. I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. and guess what else? Blake is NOT. Wishing you and yours a romantic holiday season, so at least someone out there will be!

(all images can be found via in my boards pinterest)


  1. Jaclyn, I got your email about the Whimsy Place Christmas cards. I think you entered your email wrong because it wouldn't let me reply. Could you send me another email? whimsyplace@gmail.com. Thanks!

  2. Uhhh I have Christmas music in full swing over here. I recommend the best of Frank Sinatra Christmas album! I have it on vinyl and it is ultra fab listening!

  3. Hey Jac! Thanks for letting me know! I love getting new albums to my christmas collection!!! Thank you!!!