23 November 2011

A Christmas Epiphany

Blake is plotting to overthrow holiday commercialism.
I may be in cahoots with him.
I haven't quite yet decided.
He sent this thought provoking article to me yesterday evening, you know, after I got done with all our Christmas shopping. 
Ya, I am done. November 22nd. No big deal.
Reluctantly, I read it. 
I say reluctantly because Blake seems to time his article sharing so perfectly that they end up being right after I have been a prime example of what not to do. 
This article is no exception. 
Double burn. 
I read and I thought, "this zen guru guy is on to something."
You should read the article.
Then come back and tell me what you think.
We may be on to something here.
Don't tell Nikson, what the baby does not know, will not hurt him.


  1. Not a bad idea Blake. We will knit him a sweater for christmas then make him wear it!

  2. Can I sign up to baby sit the little man? We'll take him for a cruise around San Diego.