22 November 2011

the nikson diet

Ever since we found out Nikson has massive food allergies, our refrigerator has been stocked a little differently than normal. I am still breastfeeding the wee one so i have to be pretty careful and have had to change a lot of what we eat.

here is an example of a normal day in the bishop home.
2 of Van's frozen wheat free, dairy free, egg free waffle.
a turkey sausage patty
hummus and sliced veggies
Rice crackers
Turkey Sandwich, no cheese, no mayo, stocked with veggies and Rudy's Gluten Free Bread Slices
Rice Tortilla Chips (baked at home) and Salsa
Cinnamon Chex with Rice Milk (I could eat them all day long)

Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes with Brown Rice Pasta
another bowl of Cinnamon Chex:)

Blake has been really awesome about eating what is being cooked. Sometimes the meal is easy to substitute in Nikson friendly foods that we just make it and do so. I feel really good and healthy, but more importantly, he isn't itching himself to tears and hasn't broken out in a massive, painful rash. Thank heavens! Sometimes we just have to make the right kind of sacrifices. He is worth it though.

 (a little sneak peak of some Christmas cheer coming your way)

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  1. I love your blog! I just barely began to read it, and I am totally hooked! Your son sounds like a dream baby - what a HUGE blessing he must be! I am excited to meet him some day!

    Lots of love, Malissa (Sister Evans :-)