26 August 2011

A Mom Moment

So for the first time in a long time, I have had a moment to myself to think a few things through. Nikson is asleep, I don't have to work, and the laundry is going. A few things have been going on in the Bishop household and I thought I should get it all down.

Around four months my happy baby seemed a little cranky. He didn't ever freak out or cry non-stop, but I could just tell something was wrong. My pediatrician wasn't super helpful with my concerns and so I just started to figure things out on my own. I started thinking that he had allergies. That's when I cut chocolate and peanuts. Remember? Well things still weren't 100% and Nikson's skin was starting to be affected. He had cracked ankles and his knees and elbows were bright red all the time. During his diaper changing time he would rub his ankles on the carpet to relive whatever was going on. He would be up at night every hour because his neck would itch him so badly that he would wake himself up and I would find him bleeding. I have a couple sisters who have had to deal with baby allergies so I switched pediatricians and got this baby tested.

Egg Whites.

Yeah I know.
And yes, I am still nursing.
I don't have any problems with nursing and I have been finding really yummy things to eat sans these major food groups. Why am I doing it? Because I have never seen a happier, more pleasant child than Nikson. He is the definition of the golden child. His future siblings have a lot to live up to. So my amazing doctor ordered some tests, and prescribed some antibiotics and cream to get rid of the skin infection that was so irritating. This baby is at 100% and now I wake up every morning to Van's wheat-free, diary-free, egg-free frozen waffles and pack my diet full of fruits, veggies, chicken, and brown rice. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

I suppose another reason for posting is to express something I have been learning as a mother. You know, the things I learn at three in the morning when I am up nursing a sleepy baby. People have expressed what a drag it is to have children and how they seriously cause your life to stop. People make fun of those who's lives revolve around their children. I am here to say that those people are very wrong. Life is so much more now that I have a responsibility to this little person. When Blake and I got married we felt like we could do anything. We were going to move to New Zealand and live on the beach, learn how to surf, and make lots of money doing things that we love. When we found out we were pregnant, of course our plans changed. It wasn't that they were thwarted, it's just that reality sank in. It was time for us to grow up and be adults. Adults with a baby. But not just any baby. God sent us the very best baby for us. The one we would need for right now. Nikson's feelings are so sensitive and he knows what goes on in this home. Blake will agree with me when I say that who we are has taken on a completely different meaning because of him. We pray together to be great parents, to know what to teach this baby everyday, and to have the Spirit direct us. We never prayed for that kind of help before. Our dependence on God has become so much more real and living. When Nikson gets shots or is crying, I call on Heavenly Father very first. This baby has made my relationship with God vital. Not that I didn't have a strong connection with Him before I had a baby, it's just that now I really feel Him in my life and a part of this family. Miracles happen here and I know it is Him. Sure we have our problems. Every family does. But I go to Him with my problems and it allows for peace to be here.

I have been told not to include religion in my blog, in case it turns people away, but I don't care. These are my feelings. It is amazing to know that Heavenly Father is real. I love that the knowledge of that infuses my energy and creates great moments for me. Great moments even at three in the morning.


  1. Jackie chan! Good job for figuring it out! My baby has issues with what i eat too -- i have been to two pedis and two allergists buthave had to figure it out mostly by myself. I think she is allegic to coconut treenuts, peanuts, egg, dairy and soy. Which is basically everything i eat! Thanks for the waffle tip i am going to get those for sure! I too feel like having kids is the most important thing we can do and that our lives should work around our kids not vice versa. I think that brings a much more fulfilling life. And i totally agree too that having kids really illuminates how much we need God's help. I hope you are all doing well my friend!

  2. You always get me tearing up!!
    you da best