29 August 2011

wow, that's good cake

As per usual, I am posting this a few months late, but at least you are getting it now right? I made coconut cake for mr. darling's birthday. the man loves coconut. my sweet friend brandi gave me her recipe and it turned out divine. decadent. delicious. any other d words you can think of...insert here. so here is the recipe for your baking pleasure. i made the birthday sign out of wire and some patience.

Mix together
1 box white cake mix
1/3c. heavy whipping cream
1/2c. coconut milk

1 box of vanilla pudding

Fold pudding into the cake mix

Bake with the directions on the back of the cake box. The cream, milk, and pudding create a culinary masterpiece. Julia Childs would be proud.

Now for the frosting. This gets tricky.

Cream until fluffy with mixer
1c. softened butter

Add to butter
1/4tsp. salt
1TBSP vanilla
1TBSP corn syrup

Add 1c. at a time on lowest setting
4c. powdered sugar

Once blended add
1/4c. heavy whipping cream

Return to high and whip for 3 minutes

Frost your cake. I sprinkled coconut flakes all over it. It's easiest if you put the flakes in your hand and press it against the cake, otherwise more is on the counter than your cake. Then get some milk. Its so rich you will need a chaser. You can do a layered cake like mine or a pan one. I figure, the more layers the better.


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  1. good grief that shot looks like it should be in a magazine!!!