07 December 2011

Glimpses of my life through the iPhone

Blake and I have an ongoing arguement about the amount of time I spend on my phone... versus the amount of undivided attention I give to him.
Truth is, I have a problem.
But in my defense, that thing is
my camera,
my video camera,
my internet (you know, when I am out and about or in bed),
my communication with adults,
my source of entertainment,
my only source of "gaming" 
and my phone, obviously.
I also have an obsession with instagram.
yep, totally unprofessional, filtered, pictures of my life.
and everyone else in my life.
With that being said...
here are a few for your little peepers.

The stockings are hung on our bookcase from Ikea with care.
One day I will have a real mantel
and it will be beautiful.

Candy jars.
Boxwood wreath.
Christmas just isn't the same without them.

And these two little sweeties found their way into my home.

I also believe no home is complete without a "little" like him.
Ten months is a really fun and darling age.
I kind of just want to pause life and just enjoy this stage a little longer.

Oh, one more thing...are you a follower yet?
It's ok to be one.
Followers get a little 12 Days of Christmas.
Now who doesn't want that?


  1. Jac, where did you get your darling stocking? We are in the market?

  2. Jill! I hate to say it, but they were ours growing up. (I guess that's cool and not so cool for you:) I am sure my mom got them at Tuesday Morning or Hobby Lobby.