19 January 2012

Blake wants a dog.

I, on the other hand, do not.
Puppies are cute.
Dogs are fine.
But I am a no pet fur/hair/fuzz person.
I particularly don't love their smell, way of communication, or desire to be in my bed.

So I told Blake if he wants a pet, we can have a fox.
He will live outside.
I will make him a cozy bed to sleep in when he would like to.
Maybe an old wine barrel with a thick flannel blanket.
And I will leave our scrapes for him to munch.
We will keep our distance, but know there is mutual respect.

 Also- saw a similar picture on pinterest and thought it would be fun to have.
It has been the bearer of all sorts of love notes.
Once Blake wrote, "I love you because you're clumsy." And then drew the girl falling off the swing.
So endearing.


  1. get a cute little pup that doesn't shed! a fox is a rad idea too. you wouldn't have to feed it and it would keep rodents away from your house. that little frame is pretty awesome!

    xoxo the egg out west.

  2. Jac, I am DEFINITELY gonna have to side with Blake on this one cause I loooooooove dogs!!! GET ONE!! Please. I will babysit it anytime haha

  3. Ps. Chad's coworker has a friend who is selling lab/german short-hair mixes. They are sooo cute, and they barely shed!!