23 March 2012

love letter

dearest handsome most handsomest,

i must apologize for my zombie-like, melancholy state this week.
with the little not sleeping well it makes for the mama bird's days to not be so cheery.
how can i make it up to you?
maybe we could dye eggs

or we could make our own music video for this song.

(i would have posted the original, but Wally is naked...eeee)

maybe we could ride our bikes since it will be the bestest weather ever.
we should probably fly to the beach for the weekend to do this.

whatever we choose to do, i promise i will disconnect from my sleepy, mopey self and engage in some serious blake and nikson time. 
also- the way we woke up this morning was my favorite.
you really truly are the greatest husband.
i love love love you.
three loves.


  1. I usually don't look forward to dying eggs, but those eggs look like a great work of heart and can be used as decor during and after Easter!!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I did some easter eggs d├ęcorations with my kids...they love that...And that song is so great,i've already posted it on my blog a few weeks ago...Hope your little will sleep well this week end and give you some rest...Kisses

  3. What a sweet letter. The eggs look so great but I'm not a fan of actually doing them myself (read - lazy!) :)

  4. That's really sweet! ;)