22 March 2012

growing up too fast

everyone tells you when you first have your child to enjoy every minute because they grow up right before your eyes.
i have taken their advice and have soaked in every minute watching the little grow.
well, i suppose i haven't enjoyed the last three weeks of interrupted sleep, but nothing can be perfect.
one thing that i love is the fact that nikson "loves" things.
he learned how to kiss and blow kisses and loves it.
he learned to crawl and loves it.
he learned to wave and loves it.
he learned how to open the oven drawer and plays with the cookie sheets. loves it!
he learned to pray and loves it.
mom and dad love that one two.
his little hands look so tiny held together.
when he is introduced to something new, he lightens up the room.
and he makes friends wherever he goes.
the deli lady at sunflower market thinks nikson is her boyfriend.
we may have some trouble.

i love this little.


  1. He is so cute. I love the name Nikson, that is very unique!

  2. he's adorable. now i want a baby to watch grow up. curse you spring/baby fever!!