21 March 2012

the etsy shop

dearest dearies,
i would like to make an announcement.

the only one that may be hard is sliding down a rainbow
not quite sure how i am going to make that one work.
but for now...i started an etsy shop!

i have finally checked an item off my bucket list.
it feels really good to do so.

starting an etsy shop has been in the back of my mind for a LOOOONG time.
i would think of things to do and then back out thinking they weren't that great.
i finally just stopped dreaming and started making things.
things i thought were pretty.
i create with some of the loveliest ladies

and my stellar sister natalie (who still has yet to hop on the blog bandwagon)

so to keep you from falling out of your herman miller 1952 eames lounge chair  (which i know you probably own)
it is with greatest pride and deepest pleasure
that i give you
the shop

visit the shop and let me know what pretty thing is your favorite.


  1. Girl let me know when you start that clothing line for tall ladies! I am 5'11! How tall are you?

  2. My dad probably owns that chair.

  3. Wow Jac! Congrats! I seriously love everything! I want the lamp but I'd have to talk Garyn into that one I'm sure

  4. Just found you! AND your shop! That cake stand -SUPER cool! Hmmmm.... ;)

  5. Congrats! PS. i love you bucket list especially number 2..having tea with princess kate. Can I join?

    1. Of course you can! ha ha! Do you think she will read this?

  6. loving the rustic wood cake stand. my kind of thang!

    xo the egg out west.

  7. Please please please make clothes for tall girls like us!! I just went to look for an Easter dress and everything was too short. Everything!! So frustrating.

    Cute easy shop. Love it all!