20 March 2012

a thing of beauty is a joy forever

i started following some excellent pinners as of late.
i got real sneaky and looked at who i followed and found out who they followed.
am i catching on slow or what?
holy open my eyes.
it's amazing what you miss out there in the www.
take a little looksy at some of my recent favorites...

it's funny because they say pinterest is for dreamers.
i say, thank heavens we have dreamers.


  1. I love them all! Dreaming of beautiful things is always heavenly!:) Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love of those favorites of yours...really nice selection.
    Have a beautiful day

  3. Lovely images. Although I don't go on Pinterest I enjoy seeing what others are interested in. I definitely have a dreamer side of me as well.

  4. i love these photos! when my baby boy gets a little older we are definitely getting him a teepee! never thought about using it for ourselves for a date night though :) i agree-thank the Lord for dreamers!