19 March 2012

picture this...

although this weekend was the total pits as far as our health was concerned, it proved to be rather humorous.
when handsome gets sick his sense of humor gets cranked up a few notches.

for example:

me: " i have been cloroxing everything because the bottle says it kills all cold and flu virus'."
blake: "maybe we should eat them."

we started watching an F1 race and eating Thin Mints.
picture me eating more than just a few.
blake hastily grabs the stack and instead of eating them he shoves them back into the box and frankly states, " look, these are like seven dollars a cookie. don't eat them all at once."

sunday morning he woke up to a massive cold, with allergies stirred up from a windy saturday, and the remnants of a flu spell.
blake: "i have a tri-fec-ta of illness."
me: "i am really sorry."
blake: "me too."

it only helps aid the laughter when he is all stuffy and his hair is sticking straight up.

i really need to start writing down his one liners at the time of execution but half the time i am laughing so hard that i don't.
one of the many things i really appreciate about this guy is his sense of humor.
i think our son is catching on.

the two can make me laugh.
i love it.
happy monday folks!
its good to be back!


  1. Ha ha you have a crazy family. That little boy looks like he is like 4 in that photo. Me no likey. Stay little.

  2. Love those photos - so sweet and FUNNY! So glad I'm not the only one who binges on cookies while watching Formula One - I'm a RedBull fan myself, who do you support? x

    1. Its hard. I am definitely Red Bull, but I have a small "thing" for Jensen Button. Ow OW!

    2. Well, I won't argue with you there! x

  3. it is impossible to eat just one thin mint!!!! impossible.
    xx jes

  4. ummm, so what does it mean if I eat an entire box of girl scout cookies?
    Yikes. Haha.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream