30 March 2012

love letter

dear handsome,

so this week you have proven your weight in gold.
thanks for taking so much time to be with the kit this week.
i was really busy as per usual and really needed you and viola, you were there.
so to express my gratitude i am going to be showered and all dolled up for five days in a row.
lets see, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday...oh boy.
that my darling is some serious appreciation.

i am super pumped that it is the weekend although it always seems to go by so fast.
i love listening to conference while you are snoozing pretending to listen.
i will take copious notes for you.

i hope you know how much we love you.
we love you as much as nikson loves to pose a "big smile" for the camera.

happy friday darling.


  1. I love the little letter to your husband :)

  2. what a sweet letter. what a sweet husband.
    general conference is going to be so great. i'm so excited.
    my dad sleeps every time. whenever we wake him (due to one of us filming him snoring) he said, "mmm...what? i'm listening! pay attention."

    1. ha ha. so like all dads! awesome!

  3. i love love conference weekend! yay! and let me just say that you are stunning!