29 March 2012

a little shop update

coral and coconut has been quite the adventure.
i swear every time we make something i wish i could just keep it.
my latest obsession is our terra cotta pots.
i guess that is the hardest part about opening up a shop with pretty things you love.
can i sell to myself please?
anyway- lots of fun new items in our shop windows.
check it out here.

and for all you baby lovers out there, i didn't forget about you...
this little mess had a ball learning how to draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
he kind of figured it out after he ate a handful of dirt, wiped his runny nose all over his face, and ate some chalk.
the boy is loving being outside.

oooh i just want to kiss his skinny little face.

crayola, you can use this photo for advertisement if we get a lifetime supply of chalk!


  1. awe... adorable photos! thanks for sharing the cuteness!

    happy thursday darling!

  2. ha ha... crayola should use that picture- it is too cute! xo

  3. Where is your shop located? I love that top picture! It's darling!

  4. So cute!!! You should post it on Crayola's Facebook wall if they have one. That little boy is adorable!!!


  5. Cute little boy! My son loves sidewalk chalk but he always wants ME to draw for him. Ha ha!



  6. those cake stands are SO cute! i love them, and i just looked at your shop and have started a new piggy bank fund! so cute! and i may just have to grab your button!

  7. what a funny monkey. i want him as a new snuggle bud.

  8. First off, those cake stands are to die for. I want one SO bad. And second, your little guy is adorable. What a sweetie! Loving that I found your perfect blog. Xo

  9. LOVE these cake stands. you are incredible.