28 March 2012

sunshine and shadows

springtime is here and we are absolutely loving it.
in fact, nikson loves this weather so much, when we get clouds and cold, he is a total crank.
when it's sunny though, we have the happiest of babes.

we started planting a few things to welcome in spring.
everything is red.
i have a thing for red.
this morning we added a few primrose to celebrate Hunger Games.
still haven't seen it..i know...woe is me.

my little green thumb.
he loves helping by posing cute for pictures.

i decided real grass for the little's Easter basket was a fun idea this year!
can't wait to show you how well it does.
look at these little guys.
racing to the sun.

one of these days we will have some pictures with the whole family.
its nice that handsome can take quality pictures, but it would be nicer for him to be in the pictures.
a little eye candy, ya know?

have a great day folks!


  1. Beautiful garden and beautiful mama! Thanks for commenting, come back again soon! :)

  2. his facial expression in the second picture is AMAZING. And I love the picture of you! mega babe.