09 April 2012

a magical easter weekend

my favorite thing about the spring is being able to see the newness of life.
living in utah has made spring extra special because we get to say goodbye to a serious winter.
even if the spring snow storms linger until June, we get to outside a lot more.
this year we headed up to Logan, a small farming town in northern utah, to see what i believe to be the best part of spring.

can you tell i am in love?
they were selling these little bunnies and i was considering it.

not only were there babies, but the whole farm had lots of little venues and workshops to show you have people lived back in the earlys.

the only time nikson smiled was when he was in this cart.
what a serious simon.

this is alice.
she is so special.

the photos from baby animal day were taken by our good friend Tyson. 
it's nice travelling with a photographer. 

Easter Day was probably the best day I can remember.
we had handsome's grandparents over for a delicious feast and a "spiritual" egg hunt.
blake and i are not into commercializing holidays to the extent of most of america so each egg had a bible scripture that taught about Christ's atonement, death, and resurrection.
we then watched this video.
each basket had a religious book in it and just a few pieces of candy.
simple sally over here!
it will definitely be our family tradition from now on.

could we have a more serious child?
what the heck!?
we were also blessed this week with a darling new niece, Harper.
handsome's sister, Brooklyn, delivered this healthy wee one and boy does she have a lot of hair!
nikson has hair envy!

the best part about this weekend was me being able to define my relationship with the Savior now that i am an adult, married, with a child.
i have really been learning to use the Saviors aid in my efforts to be a good wife and mother.
i think there are multiple times in our lives when this is done.
if we believe in Christ, we reflect on how near to Him we feel and how that nearness is effecting others.
if we don't believe in Christ, we still seem to need an evaluation of "where we are" in the big scheme of things and wonder if we have a cause.
whatever your beliefs are, i hope you found this weekend to be one of happiness.
spring is beautfiul no matter what you believe. 


  1. What a WONDERFUL weekend you had!! That farm sounds way too fun! Aw! And what a beautiful post this was. :)

  2. Jac.. your family is gorgeous. I LOVE Nikson's outfit! And that is such a good idea for Easter. I get caught up in the commercial side of it all, then you go to church and you get the amazing reminder of the meaning of Easter.. and then I get a streak of guilt! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That family picture with the lamb - you just look SO excited! Make me smile - too cute! I love the idea of actually celebrating Easter for what it is - what a great tradition you get to continue! x

  4. oh my gosh such great photos! my faves are of the little putting the egg in the basket....pretty serious about it. and that cowboy photo is awesome. so glad you had a wonderful easter weekend!!

    xo the egg out west.

  5. Hi! I love your blog. I remember your blog from Megan Ham's blog. My swimsuit is from Old Navy, it was like love at first sight when I saw it. I got it about a couple months ago.

  6. Hi! I love your blog. I remember your blog from Megan Ham's blog. My swimsuit is from Old Navy, it was like love at first sight when I saw it. I got it about a couple months ago.

  7. Fun! You guys went to Logan?? Hey I nominated you for a Liebster Award... check out my blog.

  8. Great blog structure.

    I would love to follow your beautiful blog! <3 maybe we can follow each other?


  9. What beautiful pictures! Haha, love how serious your little one is. But watch, he'll probably grow up to be one of the funniest guys ever! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some comment love on my girl trip to town post!


  10. What a fun day! Ah, I'd love to visit a farm like that! That little lamb is just presh!

  11. What a meaningful way to spend the Easter Holidays, defining your own family traditions is so much fun <3

  12. Me encanta tu blog, te sigo! Te invito al mío y si te gusta te espero como seguidora :) Muak guapa