01 May 2012


the little has been nothing but a major adventure as of late.
no joke, i never know what the day is going to bring.
most mornings, after filling up on the greatest cereal ever created, i can count on this gremlin slipping out of his straps and commandeering the high chair.
boy is nuts and i sometimes think i love it.
he is growing up really fast, don't you think?

seriously, so crazy.


  1. First of all he is darling. Second of all I LOVE that cereal. Third of all I talked to Amanda the other day and was thinking about how it has been WAY too long since our last phone convo. Hope you are doing well! Miss you lots.

  2. Your little makes the absolute, BEST faces I've ever seen! He could TOTALLY be a real pirate in that last one...arg! x

  3. heeh love that last pic. My boys get so weird at the table too. I guess the food goes right to their heads and feeds the energy!

  4. LOL, these are the cutest/funniest photos, love em!

    xoxo, Amy

  5. Love the last one:Cute pirate!!!

  6. Oh just wait, soon he will be eating double then triple. Boys are so cute.