02 May 2012


so there is problem something i should tell you before our relationship gets too involved.
i love white.
in fact, there is nothing more beautiful to me than sterile white walls, a huge bed with fluffy white linens, and a white couch for me to relax on.
if you toss in some natural elements like wood floors, high beams, brick, and and industrial accessories,  i am hooked.
i seriously can not get over it.
i have tried to embrace the darkness, but i just can not get myself to convert.
now don't get me wrong, i have been know to splash color here and there, in fact, you should see my new office!
you will, don't worry, when it is ready!

ok so maybe not everything i swoon over is ALL white...

all images found via mi casa su casa


  1. we're twins. white everything (especially kitchens) make my heart go boom boom.

  2. I love white too! The boyf likes black so IDK how it would go when we move in together in a few months. LOL


  3. So many beautiful rooms, congratulations on your selection, it's perfect.
    Have a happy Friday!