13 May 2012


handsome and i have been talking about mother's day for the week.
i have gathered from our conversations that it is kind of a stressful build up for dads because they don't want it to be a let down for the mom.
he said he would let me sleep in and make breakfast and try to keep the little out of my hair.
it sounded so nice especially since nikson has been pulling the 5am wake up nonsense.
its been a rough go these past couple days.

so mother's day morning finally came.
and it went a little something like this...

blake and i were wide awake while the cutest little slept.
he makes being a mom really awesome.
i mean, for the first time in my life i feel complete.
and that is awesome.
i have been really overwhelmed with this feeling of complete this past month or so.
just really happy with where i am in my life and what i am doing with it.
blake and i get really busy and tend to neglect the whole together aspect of our family.
there is always something going on.
i guess thats why i love today.
mother's day really is not about "taking the day off", it is more so about taking the day in.
really enjoying every ounce of time you give everyday to help keep your family afloat.
i love being a mom.
there are accomplishments i have had that seem so menial after being a mom.
and i am grateful for a day to collect my thoughts.
blake is cleaning the kitchen while i get my thoughts out.
what a nice guy.

i think whats makes mother's day so great for me is that we can all slow down and enjoy being together.
and it gives me a great excuse to ask for a hummingbird feeder.

happy mother's day.

ps: peonies are my favorite. 


  1. I love this. I love how beautiful you make motherhood sound. I wish I heard more thoughts like this.

  2. This was great J.... you do make motherhood sound so simply beautiful!

    Hope it was a great day for you!

  3. What a beautiful post! And those flowers are lovely!