15 May 2012

moving right along.

not only did mother's day bring me some serious contemplation on completeness, but it also brought me a 100% weened boy.
you won't find us on the controversial cover of TIME.
and guess what, we have a little who is WALKING!
i am glad we got to see it before our trip.
we were getting a little nervous.
now i am not so sure i am ready for him to get big.
it is so crazy what happens during these short days.
last night we put him to bed after a fun and eventful evening, and talked about how we are quite blessed to have such a great baby.
he is so awesome.
everything about this little makes me laugh.
it makes him laugh too.
i think we get each other.
i want our home to always be full of laughter.


  1. Congarts on the weaning and the walking! That's big step! Hold on tight though because it just goes like lightening from now on... pretty soon, he'll be a little kid... it goes by TOO DARN FAST!

    He is darling!

  2. what a cutie! i love these pictures.

  3. That's exciting that he's walking!

  4. Congrats on the walking! That's really exciting and a little exhausting me thinks :) I took care of my nephew when he started walking and I lost weight from the "workout" ;)


  5. what a fun age :) sitting outside in the diaper eating popiscles! those are the best kinds of days

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  6. cute cute cute cute photos! wow. i can't imagine my little one getting to that point, even though i know it's just around the corner!