20 June 2012

crazy horse


handsome has been complaining for a few months of the necessity for the little to cut his hair.
no way.
i dream of having four little boys, all with thick, blonde, surfer dude hair.
i took these pictures one day after nikson got up from his nap and realized my dreams would have to be put on hold.
they may never actually come to fruition as nikson comes from a long line of thin hair.
both his grandpas look a little salty with their bruce willis do's.
and handsome is nearing the long road of MPB as we speak.

needless to say.
i cut his hair.


  1. i feel ya, finn doesn't stand a chance me and noni have such fine hair. and by fine i dont mean good looking

  2. My father in law looks like a members of the beatles and my dad was bald by the time he was 30....I am not going to say who I hope he takes after haha....I bet Nikson looks so cute with his hair cut!

  3. Don't cut it!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!
    Still cute, though. Haha.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  4. omgggggg LOVE his hair, but I'm sure... absolutely sure he's handsome either way!!