19 June 2012

party rock weekend

having twelve kids in the house over the weekend wasn't as crazy as we thought it was going to be.
my brother garrett has six girls and one little boy.
they are all party animals as you witnessed in the previous post. 
non-stop action.

we are really fortunate to have a big backyard and lots of fun things to do.
tricks on the trampoline, sandbox, s'mores, swings.
the kiddos even slept out on the trampoline since it was so nice.

austyn (she won't ever look at the camera)

they still would not look at me. ever. stinkers.

 tyler and i. what a nut.

 tae and grace

tessa, jake (another cousin), and afton

halle (my sister's daughter), aubrey, grace (jake's sis), and taylor
what a sweetie.
just missing gabbie.
she was busy going to walmart with handsome and flirting with the brothas.

i love summer because it means i get to see my family. a lot.
everyone is always coming to utah for festivities.
we even get to see my cute SIL and her kiddos in August and i can't wait.
fun stuff to look forward to.


  1. So fun! I bet all the kids had a blast.

  2. Time with the family is the best! And Utah is such a good location to settle and see family! I'd love to see my family more often!

  3. aw, your family is just beautiful! and all of these pictures look like so much fun! what great memories to capture :)
    xo TJ

  4. family time in the summer is the best!