04 October 2012

are we really a two child couple?

holy smokes folks.
what a response we have gotten!
announcing baby number two has been nearly as exciting as announcing baby number one.
thank you for all your love and support.

a few days ago, handsome and i were watching nikson perform one of the usuals.
(he sings baby along with the biebs and much to his father's dismay, he is quite good)
blake looked at me and asked, "are we really going to be a two child couple?"
we laughed and then kind of gave each other the eye.
it is interesting what happens to people and the timing of it all.
our little world seemed quite complete.
we each are figuring out who we are and the our roles as parents and the little is developing a personality that we are quite smitten with.
are we really going to add another person to our equation?
whether we were ready or not, the tiny decided to make it's way into our lives.

today i went in for my first ultrasound.
dr. england walked in and smirked, "are you really here again?"
ha ha, very funny.
yes, and i am not sure how i feel about it.
i am mostly here so i can confirm we aren't having twins and i can sleep at night.
lots of thoughts were plowing their way through my mind, but all the nervousness shifted when i saw this little creature wiggle it's arms as if to say, "hello."

the little watched the screen as tiny bean squirmed around.
i could tell he had not a clue what was going to happen to his solitary life.
he didn't really even know what he was looking at.
in seven months, there would be a new face to wake up to.
a new dimension of sharing, a bath time play mate, another small individual to perform for,
you know, someone to either protect from the dragon or to fight alongside.
i had a few minutes to myself in the ultrasound room to take in all the feelings i feel a mother should have.
i gazed at that tiny and instead of worry and concern, my heart was flooded with a new sense of self and a greater understanding of family.
i also kept thinking that if and ever we move, we have to get a sweet tree house. 
what a blessing it will be to learn how to live with another little.
i am excited for the adventures that await our family of four.
i do not know how willingly handsome will embrace my newly found exuberance for a bigger family.
he is mostly very aware of our balance of income and expenses and how heavily one sided it is going to be, but he has been a total gem and has taken extra care to manage my tender heart.
baby making is emotional stuff, i am glad i do not have to deal with myself alone.

so yeah, i suppose we will be the two child couple.
we won't be able to carpool anymore, or be on time to anything, but by golly, we are going to take full advantage of kids eat free monday nights at Rumbi's.


  1. new to your blog and what a fun time to be new! congratulations! so happy for you!


  2. Congratulations! That is so exciting!


  3. Ahhh congrats! So exciting girl! and Rumbi!? So jealous! I miss that place!

  4. Congratulations!This is great news!