16 October 2012

life in the bishop home

so as far as an update is concerned i have been so lame.
no one really knows whats going on anymore, other than i do giveaways and make babies.
so, here is a sneak peak

baby number two decided to show up a lot quicker than the little did. 
it wigs me out that a three centimeter bean can do this to a girl.
pray for my body to bounce back as quickly as it remembered it had been pregnant before.

blake's sister and brother in law moved to utah from oklahoma with their two little sweeties, kashton and harper.
so that means i get a few weekly doses of this gem.
harper is soooo cute.
we love having them here.

nikson's hair is still as unruly as ever.
always pulling the just woke up card.
never behaving properly.
oh well.
i feel like this wonder boy has been growing a lot faster than i anticipated.
he is starting to talk like a small adult and it is hilarious.
when he says excuse me i die inside.
why must they grow?

blake is into his second week at neumont and loving every second.
i love seeing how excited school makes him and the dedication he has towards learning.
it's fun going to school for something you love.
and he gets to play nes games at will, have ping pong battles during breaks, and his teachers think he is a smarty pants.

we also have a new addition to the home.
blake's little sister brynlee moved in about three weeks ago and we are having a blast.
i am trying to get her to go on a mission and date fun boys.
any one have a cute little brother i can line this hottie up with?
(third in from the left people.)


  1. Oh my, Harper looks exactly like her bro.. so cute. And Regan gets home tomorrow. Does she wanna go on a date tomorrow night? Just kidding, a little soon for the brotha to date right?

  2. Just tell Brynlee to wait 8 months. My brother gets home soon!

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