11 October 2012

oh yes, i seemed to have forgotten.

so sometimes i have a hankering for some jcrew.
i browse the site and dream of the day when my closet will be filled with some of these goodies.
i found a couple snazzy outfits and was trying to justify purchasing some, you know, for my early Christmas...
you do that right?
and then i looked down, and i was gently reminded,
that i am pregnant and can't wear them anyway!
at least that's one plus to being pregnant.
more money in the bank.
(ps- how cute is jcrew's new model?)

find blouses here.

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  1. i heart jcrew. they tease me with sales emails at least twice a week. PS. i also heart you!!! let's hang out more woman!

  2. jcrew is the best! thats exciting you have a baby coming on the way!

  3. gorgeous. lovely. awful j crew. it does things to me.