24 October 2009

È una Bella Vita

I can not believe that my life is where it is now. Blake and I have almost been married for two months now. How awesome is that? We had the most beautiful and fun wedding ever. I seriously felt like a princess all weekend. Our honeymoon was absolutely incredible. We flew to Cancun for a week and I seriously could have stayed forever. Anywhere with Blake is rad. We just laugh and have so much fun. Most of our trip was spent snorkeling, riding the local bus, and taking in the real part of Mexico. I wish my tan didn't leave so quickly. What a blast. Pardon the swimsuit, it was my honeymoon!

Since then we have just had the time of our lives. It has been a blast making our house a home. I have antique birdcages, a turquoise kitchen table, and the most awesome iron bed ever! I love being home and spending time making it our home. One night Blake just said, "I love this house." The feeling is obviously mutual. We never want to leave. Our neighbors are wonderful and always watching out for us. Our ward is incredible, we got called as ward missionaries, we are five minutes from the Salt Lake Temple, we shop consignment stores, antique stores, and we love the library. We have not got a TV to spare our lives of the world;) But really, that has been awesome to not have that to take up time. We watch movies in bed on Blake's laptop. This month we have been watching all the old scary movies like, Rear Window, Wait Until Dark, Flowers in the Attic, Watcher in the Woods, and The Birds. It has been so fun. We took the semester off from school so we could just be married and have fun and although we try and keep it thrifty we have had a ball. We have the family come over for dinner a lot. When the days are nice we all take a walk to Liberty Park, it is so beautiful right now. When we get bored we drive up the canyon and Blake busts out the camera. Ahh! I feel like I am in a dream. I try really hard to be frugal and I try not to find myself in the mall very often:0 GASP! I think the only time I spend money was when it is on a gift card. Holy Cow what has the world come to?! We have started the getting prepped for school process. We got our applications in ay LDSBC and we are waiting for grants. I am excited because I graduate in April and will apply to the UofU for a degree in Public Relations. I hope everything works out how it is supposed to. WHAT A LIFE! Blake is going to finish his generals at LDSBC and go up to the U as well. Shhh, don't tell my brothers. Blake has been busy at work. We are blessed so so much with that job. His boss finally broe form a partner that was not a good finance guy and so now with new management things are looking awesome. Blake likes his job. I have had about seven jobs since I quit DownEast because I have yet to find someone who knows what they want in an employee and pays them what they are worth. It has been frustrating because I bounce form part-time job to part-time job. Ahh! I just pray that I land where I am needed the most. It has been nice though because I have been able to spend time with family an friends without having to take "off" work. Heavenly Father has a plan. I just know it will work out. I feel so blessed to be married to Blake and to be starting out with so much fun. I think that is our motto for our marriage. Just laugh and have
fun. We aren't always so "la dee da" we of course have our quarrels that lead to a lot better "sorrys";) I think they keep the thrill alive! OH WOW! Life is Beautiful.

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  1. ummmm... seriously you two look so good!!! and don't give me none of this it's my honeymoon stuff!!!! hahaha I am so glad you two are so happy!