12 November 2009

un tempo per il ringraziamento

I can't believe the time. It is almost Thanksgiving. I still have to post Halloween pictures. Holy cow! Today is my nephew Kashton's birthday, so a birthday blog shout out to baby! Well Mamie said that I need to post more and I told her frankly my life is the same. I love Blake, he loves me and we are loving our lives. But I decided that sometimes blogs are just so you can remember the smaller things in life so one day your kids can read it and say, "Gee Mom, you guys were boring." At least they will know that though my life is boring, I am grateful for it and the blessings I receive continually.

I got a new job as a sales assistant for Hamlet Homes. It is a residential building company. All I do is fold mailers, update my blog, show the model home, and make sure everything is working on faceplant correctly. I love it. I was a nanny but I was getting paid what any 11 year old soon to be beehive would be getting paid. So I decided it was time for some change. I like this company a lot and I finally have a stable company that won't flake out on time and pay. It gets to be very frustrating. I am still looking for some part-time, Monday-Tuesday work so if anyone wants a really amazing house cleaner, professional nanny, or a best friend, I am your girl. Pass the word around. I like to stay busy while Blake works so that I am not always tempting him to take work off early! Ha! I am grateful I have a job and that the Lord continues to bless me with work.

Blake and I start school again in January. I am pleased to announce that I graduate from LDSBC in April and have two more semesters! I had no idea I was so close, but ROCK THE FREAK ON! I was so excited. I changed my major to public relations so i hope I can find something in the near future that wil enable me to get it going. Blake is going to finish up his generals at LDSBC and then onto the U where he will...rule the world in whatever he decides to do. He is in a tough spot right now because what he is doing for his occupation is teaching him more of what he loves about computers and what he wants to study is maybe not so much that. So we will see what he decides to do. The great thing about it is we are young and he has time to figure it out. Hopefully! I am grateful that we both are hard workers and value education. It makes things a little less stressful when you are both on the same page.

Blake gets to go see the NUCCA Chiropractor on Saturday. He suffers from severe tension headaches that apparently have been caused by some sort of stress on the first "unconnected" part of the vertebrae. It is hard for him to get school work done, read, or have the motivation to do lots at night after work. Sometimes he just has to go to bed. It is so sad because it really does make it so hard for him. I am so grateful that we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel though. This doctor is one of not very many in the country. There are only five NUCCA doctors in Utah. Dr. Jack Stockwell, two of his sons, and a two others. If you need to see a NUCCA specialist don't go to Dr. Jack. He is super arrogant, made me cry in his office, and really rude. His son, Joseph is who we will be seeing and he is great. I will keep you posted.

One of my very best friends Anne just moved from California to Utah. We were companions on the mish for one transfer and became instant friends. I could not be more thrilled. She is the cutest thing ever and is so crazy. I love her so so much. She has quite the talent for aesthetics so my hair is looking fabulous. I was able to be her model yesterday for an 80's photo shoot with David Newkirk. His style is crazy and we had a blast. I will try and get some pics of the shoot. I was loving it because it made me realize how much I miss being a model. Anne decided we need to come up with some projects and I was totally down. I am so grateful she is here. I think it is good for both of us.

Blake and I decided that for Christmas we are going to sell our chinchilla and buy a monkey. We have always wanted one and now we can. I am grateful for monkeys.

We got called in our ward to be ward missionaries. We are really excited, especially because the sister missionaries in our ward are super gung-ho! Would that be how to spell that? Hmmm? There is this darling family that lives a few houses away form us. The Gardners. WE LOVE THEM! Rachelle, the mom, wants to be baptized and the sisters are working hard to help er husband Jermaine feel the same way. Not that they make him feel anything, but Rachelle wants their family to be eternal and what better way. My husband exemplified true charity when he chose to go to a lesson with the missionaries instead of having a hot dinner. We got home to cold sweet and sour chicken, but a warm heart after feeling such a string spirit at the Gardner's home. They have Julius, a four year old, spunky, crazy pants that brought out every toy he owned during the lesson we went to last night. And Jezelle. Oh my gosh, you would absolutely die. She has ice blue eyes and the softest carmely skin ever. We are getting to be really good friends with them and I am so excited to have them live so close. Natalie Call understands! We are giving talks in sacrament meeting on the 22nd about missionary work so we are excited to help with the work. Onward ever onward. I am so grateful for missionary work and that even though I live in Utah the land of the LDS, there are still people who want to live the gospel and recognize the need for eternal families in their lives.

I actually lied about the monkey thing. I just don't know what else to write about! Ha Ha! We do have a chinchilla though and he is getting fat, or so Ver thinks. I think he looks healthy. I am grateful for chinchillas and food that makes us healthy.

My family keeps getting bigger, whether it is through marriage or birth I keep getting more people to love and I could not ask for it to be any different. I think about how the Lord has asked us to to love others as ourselves. What an easy thing for us to do when we surround ourselves with family and friends. Or a not so easy thing to do when we surround ourselves with crazy dumb dumbs, but we can still do it with the help of Christ. And when we don't live close to family...we try our hardest to live the principles of the gospel and hope that our efforts won't go unnoticed. I LOVE THE GOSPEL.

Look for continued posts that are sure to tantalize your brain cells and cause your spirit to stir.


  1. wow!!!! when i say wrie a post you sure wrote a post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see your life isnt boring and I had no idea about BLATE! I knew he had head aches but not to that extreme! my word.. i hope everythign works out.. and your smelly pet is fat!!!i am really grateful for unhealthy food too I need to stop though cause I am getting elephantitius or however you spell it! keep posting!!!

  2. Jac! I didn't realize you had a blog until a couple of days ago... Maybe I saw it on FBook or something. I just loved the line "I am grateful for monkeys." It made me laugh. But, that's way cool! I think monkeys are adorable. I didn't know you could own one though... I thought it was some rule now. Anyway, love your blog!

    ...this is Michelle Z, by the way.