19 November 2009

dieci cose che adoro proprio ora

Ten things I absolutely adore right now:


2.Vintage skirts...I want them all.
3. Yes I love owls. If I was to say I was obsessed with one thing it would be owls. Why?
4. Zooey Deschanel...I fell in love with her during ELF, but have you seen her style? So chic.
5. Yellow and Gray home decor. Delish.
6. Tall boots with jeans. I don't know if will ever get old?
7. The music of Frank Sinatra, he seriously does something for me.
8. The Fall, especially at Liberty Park.
9. Audrey Hepburn's pet deer...what is not to adore.
10. DIY Cake Plates. The cutest and best gift EVER!


  1. Do you think it is interesting that you are the only one who ever reads my blog?

  2. I love Zoey's style and vintage shirts and tall boots and yellow and gray rooms! We should be friends :)

  3. So please explain this DIY cake plate idea! I must know!