24 November 2009

Il mio Elenco di Desiderio di Natale

I thought it would be fun to start off this season with my Christmas Wish List. Feel free to post yours as well. I do want to preface though that I am not expecting it all, I just thought it would be fun to see what people want. I love the Holidays and especially the Thanksgiving build-up to Christmas.

Who doesn't want boots this year?

I have found about ten different owl rings and all of them are so so cute.

I need a vintage mirror for our house! Please Santa!

Hudson Jeans, you can get them at Urban Blues for looads cheaper!

Big Splurge for the season...My own camera for documenting our life because the big camera doesn't fit very well in...anything! Ha!

I did want to say that the exciting part of the season for me isn't about what I get from Santa. In fact, I had to really think hard to come up with some ideas. I tell Blake anytime I see something cute that it is what I want for Christmas, but by the time I leave the store I have already forgotten what I told him. I think the best part about Christmas is that we get to cut a tree, have people over for Hot Cocoa, go to parties, and be with the people we love. This year all the Jones' will be home for Christmas, except for Nat and her family. Pray for them to decide to come. Ahh, it would be so so awesome! I love Christmas so much. The most fabulous part about Christmas is the traditions that people have. I thought it would be fun to write mine and then hear all about yours.

The Jones family is so large we have to draw names, not unusual, but instead of buying each other gifts we do a service for each other. Example, my Dad, who has artificial knees and shoulders would wake up at five every morning it snowed and shovel my brother's huge driveway. Things like that. We had so much fun trying to think of what would really be a service for the person we draw. Then on Christmas Eve we all get together for a big dinner and Christmas program. Of course the program consists of the kids acting the Nativity while my Dad reads the Christmas Story and then all the kids go to watch a movie while the adults stand and talk about the person that did the service for them. Youngest to oldest, each one stands and expresses how the individual reminds them of the Savior and motivates them to be better. There is never a dry eye. I am excited for Blake to be a part of the Spirit that we feel during the program. I am bummed I am missing yet another Bishop Breakfast. I guess a lot of Blake's family comes far and wide to be at his home so I will be sad to miss it, but I think we will try and Skype so we can see Brooke and Mike with Kashton in Oklahoma and the whole Bishop crew here in Utah. I love the holidays and the fun it is. I also love to wrap presents so if you need some help...Call me! I am grateful for traditions and the blessings they are in our lives. They strengthen us as a whole family and as individuals. The love bonds us throughout the whole year and I love that. I pray that the Spirit felt through Thanksgiving and into the New Year will be one so strong it will enable happiness throughout 2010. Love you all. Good luck on Friday!

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  1. i would want boots if my if it zipped past my ankles!!!