27 November 2009

Mia Sorella Meravigliosa

Alright so here is the deal...I drew my sister Tanna's name this year for Christmas. It is a little harder to do service for her because she is in Colorado, so I thought that I could share with everyone why she inspires me. I will add pictures, tell stories, post songs, etc. just so everyone can understand why she is one of my very best friends. I have been so blessed with incredible siblings, each one affecting my life in a different way. Tanna is someone I have always depended on. She has been there for me through every hard time whether my hard time was with myself or being caused by someone else. She has never given up on me or thought it better to "leave me alone". She is persistent and has given me the best of advice. So lets hear it for a month of Tanna...my wonderful sister.

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